Mustangs News · How to Join Volleyball

How to get cleared to begin practice.

  1. Create account on REGISTER MY ATHLETE
  2. Get a SPORTS PHYSICAL- forms online at and REGISTER MY ATHLETE
    1. Upload Sports Physical
    2. Insurance
      1. (Option 1) Use your own insurance- complete insurance waiver, submit copies of insurance cards
      2. Choose to pay $35 for HISD Insurance
        1. (Option 2) You can select to use HISD as supplemental (along with your own insurance) You will be asked to upload copies of your insurance card
        2. (Option 3) You can select that HISD insurance will be your only Insurance
      3. Complete all other forms on RMA and E-sign
    3. Bring Copy of Physical to Practice


Practice will be at Barnett Stadium 4- 6:30 pm

  • Bus transportation will be provided from Austin HS on Lockwood and Diaz St.
    • Social distancing will be enforced
    • You do not have to ride the bus.
  • Athletes must wear athletic shoes and knee pads.
  • Bring your own water bottle.





Medical History – If you answer “yes” Explain why – to the side or in box at bottom.

Make sure your address on RMA, and your physical MATCHES your address you used to register for school.