Multiple Teams · Transitioning from high school to college athlete -Q&A with Quaylon Beckley Class of 2015

Student athletes all have a love of their sport. Some play for the love of the game and some have hopes of playing in college. If you’ve ever considered playing in college, this article is for you. If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of college athlete is like, then this article is for you too. Either way, have pride in your school athletics and in yourselves because Austin Athletics is about you and what you make of it.
We had a chance to reach out to Quaylon Beckley, Austin Mustang Class of 2015 and gain his insight of transitioning from a high school to a college athlete.

Question: How was your recruiting process?
Reply: The recruiting process is fun. You get all these coaches calling, mailing and coming to see you. It’s cool because you can tell that they actually want you and the visits are also fun.

Question: Why did you choose East Texas Baptist University (ETBU)?
I chose ETBU because I felt like I had a better chance of gaining a good education and getting decent playing time as a freshman there (which he did).

Question: What’s a day in your life look life now?
I have two to three classes each day and most are at 8:00 am. I get up at 5:30 am in order to lift weights at 6:00 am. I go to class, of which last 1 to 2 hours and then lunch. I have football meetings at 2:00 pm and then practice. We normally end practice around 6:00 pm, clean up and have dinner. I head back to my dorm and do whatever homework I have and then when I’m finished and if I’m not tired, I’ll go play 2k with my roommate and call it night. It’s the same thing the next day.

Question: How does college life differ from high school life?
College differs from high school in many ways. Everything is on you. The professors aren’t going to baby you and make sure you do your homework and stuff. The responsibility is more on you. Yeah, you get freedom and your parents aren’t there. You have to take care of things yourself. There’s people, at the college, to help you but you gotta go them. They are not going to look for you.

Question: Have your study habits changed compared to high school?
Study habits changes drastically! I mean, high school homework and studying is nothing on college homework and studying. Staying up ’til 4:00 am for your anatomy test, writing 1,000 word papers. Yeah it changed for me. I think on Sunday’s I spend an average four hours in the library and that’s just on Sunday’s.

Question: What about declaring a major in college?
Most of my teammates already have their major declared. It’s a handful who are still waiting to declare their major and they’re just taking core classes pretty much. The pressure of having a major when you first enroll is pressuring because you have an idea of what you want but you won’t really know if that’s what you want ’til after your first day in class. The advisors want you to have a major but they want you to major in something that you really want.

Question: Any advice for the Class of 2016 senior athletes?
My advice for the 2016 seniors is to make sure school is taken care of first. Send your transcript and film to coaches if you’re trying to play at the next level, no matter what division. You don’t want to be filling out scholarships and financial aid during May and school is about to end. Get all that stuff out the way as soon as possible. Once you get all the college applications and essays out of the way, then you can enjoy the rest of your senior year: the college visits, senior trip and prom. Soak all that stuff up for the memories.

Question: Any advice for the Class of 2017 athletes?
For the juniors going to be seniors, I would tell them study for the SAT and ACT because grades matter to colleges and college coaches. Y’all have a whole year to get your grades up and get better in your sport. If you’re really serious about going to play sports then you’re going to do whatever it takes. Put the work in now so later on coaches can see all that hard work. Don’t wait to the last minute to do things.

We want to thank Quaylon for taking the time out to answer our questions and we look forward to watching his progress in the classroom and out on the field as a ETBU Tiger!